FDW (Full Damage Waiver) & CDW (Collition Damage, Waiver).
Well the car rental company waives the right to collect a small deductible -depends on the agreement- from you if the car is damaged, and most importantly it covers most of the car if you are in a collision. It usually costs around 10 euro per day, and significantly reduces the deductibles owed if you do have an accident or there is damage to the vehicle.Essentially, the rental company waivers their right to make you, the renter, pay for damages to the car. If you do have an accident, or the car is stolen, without FDW/CDW Insurance you will have to pay for all of the repairs and recovery charges, which can quickly become tens of thousands of dollars. With FDW/CDW insurance you only have to pay an excess or deductible, which will be significantly less.


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