what are the renter requirments?

You must be between 23 and 70 years of age and hold a full, valid driving license for a minimum of one year to hire a vehicle. Please note that renters below the age of 25 will have a Young Driver Surcharge  per day, applied to their overall hire cost. Young Drivers are also restricted to Mini, Economy, and Compact hire classes only.

What is your fuel policy?

The renter must return the same level of fuel.  

can I add an additional Driver?

Yes. No charge to add a second driver.The cost to add an additional driver is euro 12.- per day (excl. VAT). Please note that the additional driver must also present a valid driver’s license and passport, and must be present at pick-up in order to co-sign the rental agreement.

What if my fly is delayed?

Please contact us via telephone to confirm any flight changes. Please ensure that your flight number is listed in your reservation at the time of your booking..

Can I return my rental vehicle if you are closed?

Yes.  Please note, however, that you will remain responsible for the condition of the vehicle until the keys have been received and a formal inspection has been performed by an on-site employee during opening hours the following morning.

whai if I want to return my car early?

You are welcome to return your vehicle ahead of schedule, however, you may not necessarily be refunded for your unused rental days.

What if I am late?

A 30-minute grace period is granted for all vehicle hires, however, whereby we operate on a 24-hour rental cycle, you will be charged for all returns exceeding one hour of pick-up time. For example, if you have picked up a vehicle at 1 PM, and are scheduled to return the vehicle at 1 PM three days later, but instead return at 3 PM, the cost of a new full rental day will be applied.

What is your pet policy?

While we do not have a policy forbidding pets, you will be charged a special cleaning fee of up to euro 100.- should excessive pet hair or dander be left in the vehicle at the time of return.

can I smoke in the car?

No. Smoking in all of our rental vehicles is prohibited under all circumstances. Should you smoke in the vehicle, a bio-cleaning fee of euro 50-, will be applied to your overall rental cost. 

Can I drive off road or to Balos lagoon?

Driving a vehicle on a non-asphalt road is considered a violation of our rental terms. Any costs or damages occurred are charged to the customer also transportation costs, parts, and labor costs. We also have the right to take the vehicle from you without any compensation or return of the rental amount.  Surcharge  of 300 euros is applied as compensation for the unproper use of the vehicle. 

Am I allowed to leave crete Island?

You are NOT allowed to get the car outside of Crete island.

Do you rent  child Seats?

The additional equipment is  FREE (Child Seat ,Baby Seat,..).