terms & Rental Conditions -insurance policy


Your rental is protected with our Premium Insurance with ZERO excess! At rental pick-up point  no cash/credit card security deposit is required. Our Premium Insurance includes:

Collision Damage Waiver with minimum excess (C.D.W.). The renter is insured for the rental vehicle damaged by accident. The liability in the event of  accident is 500 euros.

Theft Protection (TP). The renter is insured in case the vehicle is stolen, except if theft occurs because of negligence. Any stolen belongings in the interior of the car (eg. cameras, travel bags or cell-phones) are not covered by any insurance.

Public Liability insurance (PL). The renter’s liability is covered to a maximum of €1.000.000 for death and bodily injuries and €1.000.000 for material damages.

Personal accident insurance (PAI.) The driver is insured in case of accident to a maximum amount of €15.000. The Passengers of the rental vehicle are insured for death/ bodily injuries in case of accident to a maximum of €1.000.000.

INSURANCE POLICY NOTES :  In case of an accident /collition / incident, the renter must contact our company immediately via our 24/7 helpline in order to receive instructions on how to handle the situation. Driver is not allowed to leave the incident place without reporting the accident/incident.  The driver must contact our company and the police directly (tel. num. 100). If the renter fails to immediately report the incident to our company then he is obliged to pay the costs of any damage caused to the rental vehicle. The driver is obligded to wait our insurance partner and the police for the accident/incident report. 

Interior parts, Mirrors,  Tires, Glasses, Underneath Of The Car and Key Loss. If the Driver causes an accident under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol. If the Driver is not mentioned In the Rental Agreement. If the Renter doesn't comply with the Traffic Law, take all the necessary precaution measures for secure parking and locking of the car. If the car Is illegally parked. If the car damage caused as a result of the vehicle being driven Off-Road. If the Driver does not report the accident immediantly to us and the police and does not bring us the documents of the accident.

The company is entitled to claim extra compensation from the renter up to the repairing cost of the damage as below: For damages caused when the vehicle is operated on any unauthorised road, non-asphalt road, dirt road or off-road (eg. Balos). For damages caused when the renter drives recklessly. For damades caused when the renter violates traffic rules (eg. road/STOP signs, speed limits, U-turns, illegal overpassing, double line overpassing). For damages caused when the renter is distracted and goes out of the road. For damages caused when the renter violates parking rules. For damages caused when the vehicle is operated in any race, speed test, rally or contest or the vehicle is used for the purpose of reward (taxi or courier service). For damages caused when the vehicle is recklessly used by the renter (eg damages to clutch/gearbox, damages to the vehicle interior, damages caused by animals, damages caused by sitting/standing on the bonnet/boot/roof of the vehicle). 


TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS/ SECURITY DEPOSIT:    Security deposit MAY be neeeded.   

TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS / OUT-OF-WORKING-TIME DELIVERY: There is a surcharge of 25 euros because of out-of-working time delivery (08:00-21:00).

TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS /DRIVING LICENSE: Driver must have a valid driving license held for at least 12 months. For driving licenses that are not written in Latin an international license is required.

TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS/TRAFFIC FINES AND ADMINISTRATIVE SANCTIONS: Tickets and appended administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic law during rental period is solely the renter's responsibility.

TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS /FUEL: Fuel is always paid by the renter who is obliged to return the car with the same level that he rented.

RENTAL CONDITIONS/ RESERVATION CANCELLATION BY CUSTOMER: In case of cancellation, customers should give at least 2-days prior notice

TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS/ RESERVATION CANCELLATION BY CHANIACAR: ChaniaCar has the right to cancel the reservation in case of lack of cars (crash, mechanical problem and other problems) or other serious problem.

TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS/RENTAL DAYS: Rental days are calculated on a 24-hour basis. Partial days will be counted as full days.

TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS/DOCUMENTS: All drivers must present a valid driver’s EU license or international license and a valid ID card or passport. Drivers should also have a credit card in their name.

TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS/ ONE WAY: One way rentals are available on request with extra charge, depending on different locations. Rates are calculated on the basis of collection/return to the same rental station. 

TERM & RENTAL CONDITIONS / OFF ROAD DRIVING: Is not allowed the off-road driving. Our vehicles are not suitable for off-road. The driving off-road to Balos lagoon  give us the right to get back the rental vehicle and to charge 300 euros as a compensation.

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